Monday, November 22, 2010

Browsin' for great Christmas ideas.....

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I am seeing more and more of these headboards from old doors. I really like this red one from Our Northern Home. I have a guest room to decorate, well as soon as we finish it he he he.....

Craft idea for my activity day girls next month. Pinecone trees from the Wool Acorn

I am also starting to collect ideas for our playroom downstairs. I am wanting a fun room the boys can retreat to with their friends. One that will grow with them and be functional for our boys ages 11 to 2.
This playroom and Brown paper packages will work great for the little boys....

I like the border in this room I found at Design Dazzle. Once again for the little boys but couldn't I work this into a teens space too? hmmm, food for thought.
I remember coming across I am Momma's playroom last year. I would love to have this little peek a boo door for my little guy to peek at mom crafting....
Can't you just see the older boys doing this?
I need a reading space and a gaming space...gonna have to keep watching and searching for more ideas. Maybe about the time I have my ideas together we will be ready for them.....
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