Saturday, August 28, 2010

Flower arranging: project 29 of 52

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One thing my home decor really needs is the softer touch of flowers and garland. Maybe thats why I love to be able to pull out my Harvest and then Christmas decor. I have lots of falls leaves and Christmas garlands but my everyday decor is still lacking in this area. So on my last trip to Michaels I set out to fill that void. They had a display that made it look easy. What was better is the supplies were right there. So I came home and created this.....

Sometimes things just come together. I love how this turned out! I may change the bow if I find something better. The fall colors go great with my rustic red decor. I placed this above my cupboards. It was simple and didn't cost too much either.
Next time I need to pick up some grapevine garland. My plan is to gather supplies then have my friend, Kaylyn, come work her magic! I am totally in love with her style and home decor. Her house feels effortlessly spotless (although she will laugh and beg to differ) and the simple decor never feels overbearing. She has a great knack for mixing various elements. In her words she would laugh and say, "I just threw it up there". She has a grapevine star mixed in with her kitchen decor that I love. If I could only find one myself. I am learning though. That's the great part of seeing the inside of someone elses home- INSPIRATION.
My sister in law is another source of great inspiration. She has a natural shabby chic without effort look that I always seem to come up short in trying to replicate. Not to mention the amazing deals on even furniture and home decor that she gets! I'm glad I have the inside edition on that one! he he he! ;-)
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