Sunday, August 1, 2010

Finding new sites to visit

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My house is becoming all things American. When I saw this project featured on Someday Crafts via Sassy Sites I had to check it out.....
plus she has other great ideas for decorating for men. Of course with a house of boys I am going to have to check some of these out!
Like this
the boys would love to run through this in this Utah heat! Now I just need to get the back yard in for them to be able to run on the grass!
Yesterday, while looking for shelving units I found this from Ana. Knockoffwood keeps me dreaming of projects to do. Since I have a pallet sitting in my garage I knew I would be doing this project. SIMPLE! I think I can handle this one myself.

Can ya picture it in Josh's room. Or maybe the family room (when we get it finished)? Or maybe.....
Umm, perhaps I am going to need another pallet eh? ;-)

And I am sooo making this for my laundry room/closet. Of course I need a couple dozen clips for the lost socks.....from Lemon Tree Creations

Ok- I definantely have some work to do this week. Gotta crafting itch to scratch somewhere in between house work and building a boys bedroom! Ah the joys.....
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