Sunday, August 1, 2010

Scrapping Sunday

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I am behind on my pictures- aren't we all- but I really want to try to not fall further behind and if possible catch up. Well, digital scrapping has helped that but sometimes I just need to get some pictures done. This is where quickpages come in handy. All the work is done, I only have to insert the pictures. Last summer we had a fun family BBQ. Now, you have to realize at our family get togethers water fights almost always break out. Someone gets my brother- or is he the one that starts it all? Anyway, the water starts flying and we laugh until our bellies ache. With these pictures in mind I set out tonight to use some summer fun quickpages. They are a group collaboration that you can get from Stuff to Scrap
It great to be able to throw some pictures together for memory lane in years to come. I added wordart from Bethany
here is what I did.....
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