Sunday, August 29, 2010

Boys in the mud

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Only a mother of little boys can appreciate.....

Mud waterfalls, mud pies, and muddy backsides. The backyard was excavated in prep for building a retention wall but little did mom realize it became a dream zone for boys. Tyler, his best friend and Matthew all had a hayday! They had a "mud waterfall" with the hose running down the embankment making one great mud lake on the other side. 

They played for quite awhile until mom made them shut off the water. I can handle the muddy feet but prefer to conserve water. Besides the puddle was ready to breach it's banks ;-). I'd better watch out, Kaylyn might stop letting her son come over. He usually goes home muddy, wet, or with popsicle stains. The do have LOADS of fun though! After all just look at that smile! 
Who can resist?
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