Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy ME!

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So birthdays are not usually my forte, especially MY birthday but this year I didn't mind telling everyone "today's my birthday". Of course I worked last night and again tonight so not much in the line of party's going on. I did make "Better than Sex" cake to take to work tonight. One of the guys I work with loves this cake.
Robin surprised me with 2 bushes for my yard. Now to some ladies this might be a ho-hum gift but Rob knows me very well. I tend to be very practical and love things that I can DO something with. I am already mentally running through options for planting these 2. I did ask for one more- you know the old rule of odds.

I think they will be beautiful. Now I just need to decide where to place them...

I love ice cream. It is probably my favorite dessert. We are not much of cake eaters at our house. In fact, the boys will more often than not, request a pie or some other dessert for their birthdays. For mine, I don't usually make anything but this year I got....
 A yummy cold stone ice cream cake. Most of the time our motto is No pink allowed, but today, ok maybe a little pink. The first princess cake to enter our house!

My dear mom-in-law sent a nice card with Andrew Jackson. So, now I get to go shopping. Let's see a new shirt or home decor? I'll let you know what I decide. My camera battery was dieing so I couldn't get a good focus.....

My favorite gift was a surprise visit from my mom and niece. I had just gotten to sleep after working all night when I heard my mom's voice. Since I had talked to her earlier I questioned how tired I really was. Yeah, I tend to have bouts of psychosis. But as I listened I had to get up to see. Sure enough sitting in my living room was my mom. She had decided to surprise me by hand delivering my gift! A 4 hour drive to bring me this.....
and this is not even the best part....
Just flip them around for Christmas! Still not the best part though- it was seeing my mom. She didn't stay for long since I needed to sleep before returning to work but it was great anyway!

So, I have to say I had a fabulous birthday! Tonight is my last night at St Marks Hospital in SLC. I was offered a job at the hospital in Tooele- pay raise and no more commuting 1 hour each way. Yep, it's been a good day!
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  1. Wow! That sounds like a great birthday to me!
    It's wonderful news that you area already able to switch to the hospital in Tooele. I'm sure that commute was long for you.
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy UnBirthday!!!!!!! I think your Birthday bushes are lovely! Yeah, on your new job in Toelle. Everything seems meant to be.


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