Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dinner ideas for this week

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I'm a little late for this but here it is. I also planned next weeks already (and shopped for both weeks) but you'll have to check on Saturday for next weeks menu.....
Monday- BBQ steak with potaotes
Tuesday- Steak Faijtas
Wednesday Chicken Cobb Salad
Thursday- Nachos (using left over beef from French Dips)
Friday- we will be visiting family in Idaho Falls.
Saturday- BBQ dinner with family.

For a treat this week I plan to make PB Pinwheels. They are great- even my scouts loved them- plus they are simple. Here's how: spread PB on a tortilla shells. Top with honey and sprinkle with granola (grape nuts works well too). Then roll up and slice in thin slices. Watch out, they will soon be devoured!

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