Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fitness Friday

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Ok, so once again I am a bit late on this but work sometimes gets in the way.
I am proud to say I have lost again this week! Horray, I am now down 5 pounds. The best part is Robin told me my back side was getting smaller. Now, I am not sure if he was just trying to make me feel better (having woke up way too early for work) or if it is true. I responded "yeah, right". "No, really you're getting smaller". Well of course I love the man dearly now! ;-)
This past week I have been working VERY hard. We are trying to get Josh's bedroom finished in the basement before school starts. With Robin working long hours that means a lot of sheet rocking for me- with Josh's help. Add to that building food storage shelves- yep I built another one- swimming and my evening walks uphill I have really racked up the activity points! I am also rather stiff in the mornings. Overall it is apparently just what I needed to loose weight and get toned up. Who needs "The Firm" workout anyway.
By the time we get the basement done or mostly done, we will be ready to put the back yard in and then I will get to be doing yardwork again. I do love gardening, it is very therapeutic for me but don't get me wrong it is not for the weak. Especially in the heat we have been having lately. Perhaps the heat just seems worse without having grass surrounding the house- oh, I DO hope so!
So for this week I am not worried about adding to my fitness goals. I still have lots of sheet rock to put up. Then comes the taping and texturing. Painting, I can handle no problem and of course the carpet will be done professionally. Add in a bit more unpacking and sorting through books and toys, plus stocking and organizing shelving units and I think I will get plenty of activity. Of course this is in addition to my nightly walks around the neighborhood. That is becoming another source of therapy for me! It is so nice to talk with Kaylyn and visit. The walk goes by much faster and before I know it we are done. Gotta love exercise partners. Now if I can just convince her to go current walking at the pool with me.........Either way I am thankful to have a new great friend!
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  1. I'm glad things are going so well for you. Your activity level is exhausting to read. ;)

  2. Yeah for you!!!! I am proud of you! You will be in your skinny jeans before you know it!


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