Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crockpot meals on the menu this week

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I rather enjoy browsing through my cookbooks when I plan our menu. It reminds me of the great meals we haven't had in a while and helps to keep a variety on our diet. Today, I didn't worry so much about how many points. I'll figure those out later. I also didn't worry about matching up to what is on sale. The benefit of having a food storage is I can shop from there regardless of what is on sale at the stores this week. The other smart thing we've done is buying 1/2 a beef. We usually get it from my uncle in February and it lasts us almost a year, depending on how much chicken or pork I cook too. I have LOVED this! I have a freezer of meat and don't have to worry about adding that to my grocery list. The improved flavor of the beef is an even bigger plus. Win-win I'd say.
I am feeling the urge for a change in season. I usually do this time of year which is why I love the Mountain West so much. By the end of summer I am ready for fall cooking and cooler temps. Think homemade chili and cornbread! Or potatoe soup! Perhaps it was with that thought in the back of my mind that I managed to plan several crockpot meals this week. Either way it should be a good week. I will be incredibly busy with other projects, work and school registration, it will be nice to let dinner cook throughout the day. So without further delay....This weeks menu......
Beef Stroganoff
Navajo Tacos
French Dip Sandwiches
Chicken Stacks
Homemade Pizza
Sunday Chicken
If you are interested most of these recipes came from "Girlfriends on the Go" recipe book. 

I bought it several years ago and organized a meal swap in our neighborhood. It was fantastic! 5-7 ladies cooking enough meals to exchange. Meet, trade and head home with 25-35 meals to put in the freezer for those CRAZY nights that everyone is going a different direction. We did this for quite a while. Perhaps I will have to check on starting it in our new neighborhood. School nights tend to get crazy! Check out the book. The recipes are great to eat right away or cooked later after freezing.
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