Monday, August 23, 2010

Cleaning tips....

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I kinda fell off track with my tips so here are the rest. 
I take one day a week to try to deep clean everything. Then the rest of the week I can surface clean sorta speak.
Using bleach cleaner in the bathroom to kill the odors.
Set up a loading and unloading zone. Robin likes to keep things in his pocket. By having a basket in the closet he can unload his keys, badge and other pocket contents. The next morning he knows exactly where things are and this helps him get ready faster in the mornings.
I also try to walk around the house with a wash cloth just washing knobs and door jams. With little fingers door knobs get sticky lots. I hate to grab a yucky knob. If I take the cloth I simple wipe at Matthew's height.
Just about any day you can find me in an apron. I love to have pockets in it too. Then as I walk around cleaning I can pick up those lego pieces deposit it into my apron pocket then unload once I get back to the boys room.
Okay- your turn. What cleaning tips do you have?
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