Thursday, December 23, 2010

My aprons.....

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Last night I managed to whip up these 2 aprons. I wanted to make a third but by midnight I was ready for bed. With how rotten I slept I should have just stayed up and finished another. I usually work Wednesday nights but had it off and I think my body was wondering what was goin' on!
I'm pleased with how they turned out. This is the first one I made. I just used my favorite apron to make a pattern, added a few adjustments and VOILA!

This is my second one and I actually like it better than the first. I am going to use this style to make my next one. I shortened it and think that made a difference.

Shhhh, don't tell but these are for my sisters for Christmas. I hope they like them.
What do you think? Have you ever made a pattern from something you have already? I have done it a couple of times now. It's not difficult. Just lay it out on a sheet of butcher paper. Think about the fold of your fabric and picture how it would be laid out in pieces. Most of the time you just need the basic shape and size then it's all about the embellishments and little add on like a ruffle or different shaped pocket. It's a great way to get another one of your favorite items. Pick something simple and give it a try- like an apron!
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  1. I'm totally in love with the blue one!!! You are such a talented gal; I'm jealous!

  2. Funny you mentioned making one shorter. I feel like all the aprons I've been given as gifts (that weren't hand made) were far too long. I always cut and hem them.
    Your aprons are adorable! Lucky sisters you have.


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