Monday, December 6, 2010

Stocking Stuffers for Boys

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Girls are so much easier to fill stockings for. After all you can do jewelry, makeup, barbie clothes, Polly pockets, hair clips of all shapes and sizes and the girls will be happy. Boys on the other hand....
Well, let's just say mom has to pull out all the stops there. So with 4 boys and 12 Christmases of stuffing those red socks I thought I'd share some of the goods we use. Hopefully you will find some ideas to use. Better yet, could ya help me perfect to my list?

Our 2010 master list of Boy Stocking Stuffers:
mechanical/fun pencils
fun erasers
Lego guys
(you can get small boxes with just a guy and an accessory)
Full/King size candy bars
(we're doing Toblerone's this year)
Dragon Universe eggs
 (thankfully dear hubby was on top of things and picked several of these little things up. They have a dragon inside)
Pet shop puppies
(this will be for our 2yr old, a suggestion from his Language Pathologist to encourage frequent word use and since we have a puppy. I thought it was a great idea)
Bath foam/soap
fun pads or doodle pads
(great for church)
tape measurers
(so hopefully they will leave dad's alone)
ear phones for their MP3's
Deoderant for the oldest
body spray for the oldest.

For Dad:
body spray
tape measurers
pen flashlight
favorite candy bar- Toblerone
Nintendo DS game- yeah, he's the biggest kid of all
Barns and Nobles Gift card
Intimate massage oils

For Mom:
Scrapbook tools
paper crafting supplies
ink pads
body spray
hair clips
Chic Flic
nail polish
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