Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas traditions....

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Tis the season of family traditions,
I thought I would share a couple of traditions we havve.
First is early decorating.
Halloween comes down and Christmas goes up. Yes, I enjoy Thanksgiving and I take the opportunity to count my blessings. And I am thankfull to be able to put my decorations up early.
I just love Christmas!!
I love everything about it, from the shopping, to the baking, to the lights.
Most of all I love the feeling in the air. I usually am nearly done, perhaps just a few stocking stuffers, by Thanksgiving. I make a lot of Christmas presents and spend time shopping clearance deals as well as online deals. Having things done early allow me to enjoy the season without all the stress. One of my favorite things is to be out in all the hustle and bustle. I get a kick out of watching everyone rush around, frantically searching for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Of course, I have finished so I get to just sit back and watch. It would certainly not be fun if I were one of the frantic last mninute shoppers.
Dad and the boys all get involved in putting up the tree. The rest of the house decor is up to mom.
Another tradition:
Black Friday Shopping
yep, I go out to hit the deals. I go out by myself although I haven't sought out the big ticket items- until this year. We wanted a new tv so I set out to Walmart at 11:00 on Thanksgiving. After having worked the night before and only having a couple hours sleep I spent the night at Walmart shopping and waiting. I went prepared and took my craft books and Harry Potter to keep my occupied while I waited. It was crazy for the midnight toy shopping. My heart was just pounding. I think I finally stopped calling home around 2am. Dear hubby was glad to be able to sleep. After the toy sale was done the store was actually rather quiet. Most people just waiting in line for the electronic gadget of their choice. I filled my cart then became the first to start the line for the new T.V.
After getting all I wanted I went home and napped for a bit.
Then we go out as a family. The boys get to draw names to buy gifts for. We go out and split up to help them buy for each other. This year we headed into the city. We stopped for dinner at Famous Daves. Matthew absolutely LOVED it. He ate better than he had in several days

We had a great time. Plus it is a good opportunity for the boys to learn to GIVE and think of others rather than thinking of what they want themselves. We went to Jordan Landing. It is a great shopping center with numerous different stores around. We went to several, then we went to Target. Dad takes a couple of boys and Mom takes a couple. They have a $$ limit and have to pick something their brother wants- not what they themselves want. It is a trick for them but after a bit they catch on and come up with great ideas.
The Forgotten Carols have been a Christmas tradition since I was in high school. When Robin and I were dating I took him. We've been going together every since. This year will be our first year in SLC and 2 of our boys will be going as well. I love this show. The spirit- the True Spirit of Christmas is so strong. I enjoy celebrating The Reason for the season.
On top of these we have all the usual concerts and ward parties. We also enjoy Christmas movies and hot cocoa in front of the tree. My favorite Christmas movie: White Christmas. 
You just can't beat a classic.
Of course Robin's would be A Christmas Story...
It totally fits his family. ;-p
What traditions do you have?

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