Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Temple Square Lights

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Living closer to SLC has it's advantages. Maybe we will make this a Christmas tradition now that it is not a 3 hour drive.
It was snowing gently outside so we drove to Temple Square to see the lights. The roads were slick, we passed numerous slide offs into the lake on the way in but I was glad we went. We hadn't been there in years. In fact, I don't think any of the boys had seen them. With the snow falling the temps weren't too bad and there wasn't too many people on Temple Square. It was calm and peaceful.
And the lights- oh my- they were simply beautiful.

Matthew and dad catching snowflakes on their tongues.
It was warm enough that the fountains were still flowing. I wondering if the boys were going to go in head first a couple of times.

Ahh, the warm of Christmas. One of my favorite things of Christmas is the peace that permiates the air. Walking hand in hand, surrounded by glowing lights, with soft snowflakes falling you couldn't help but feel the peace of the season. No wonder Christmas is my favorite time of the year!
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