Thursday, December 2, 2010

Neighbor gift ideas: project 46 of 52

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My next project:
Thursdays are becoming a day I really look forward to. I get home from work about 6:45, lay down until 8:00, get up to get the boys off to school then spend the morning/day crafting with my dear friend. Today we made bowls with vinyl lettering for Christmas gifts.
"Believe" with stars on the ends.
I picked up the bowls from the DollarTree. I had the vinyl on hand from another project. 
We used my cricuit with a Christmas and George and Basic shapes cartridges. Oh, we also used Opposites Attract for the "Joy" letters.
 I love how they turned out. Kaylyn did several to fill with treats for ladies she visits.
"Let it Snow" with snowflakes.
 I especially like snowflake for the letter 'o'.

 The pictures just don't do them justice.
"Joy" with mistletoe on the ends.
Of course everything looks better filled with chocolate, or in this case, candy cane kisses!
You could fill them with kisses, M&M's, or any number of goodies then just wrap with cellofane.
What do you think? Not bad for $1 each eh?! 
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