Friday, December 3, 2010

Making my list to check twice

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So very many great Christmas ideas and this is only the beginning. I usually make most of our Christmas gifts but with everything else this year (and my craft supplies mostly in boxes still) I didn't get any made. Don't worry dear family, still lots and lots and lots of thought put into what to get everyone. Thankfully the shopping is nearly done for us so now I can turn my attention to more crafty projects.
I quite like this planner. I am a list maker and have to write everything down so having a master list would be nice and kinda fun to look back on in the years to come....
Got mine done...and I must say it is coming in very handy, especially for Black Friday.
 Now for neighbor gifts and...
Maybe some teachers gifts....
I have also made rock magnents. I still have the supplies for them, hmm, maybe I can throw some of them together tonight. I love when I find an idea that I have the supplies for. It saves a trip to the store, the gas to go to the store and the $$ buying more stuff. Plus it clears up some of what I have. It's an all around win.
Of course I will always be on the look out for more great ideas. You never know when you may need a little something to give to someone.
Only 23 days left till Christmas!!
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  1. Great ideas! I love the one for hand sanitizer for teacher gifts! I think I'll throw in a couple of boxes of Kleenex with it.


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