Friday, December 31, 2010

Small gift idea...

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Ever have those moments around the holidays when you realize despite your planning and great intentions you still missed someone. Not because they weren't important but rather your brain had short circuted.... Well I realized that on Matthew's last day of play therapy I had missed his teachers. Now, he is only 2 and perhaps for speech therapy you don't need to do anything but they just seemed to fall in the same group and the other teachers.
Thankfully I am one with lots of various crafty supplies ready at hand. I scrambled my brain on the way home and quickly put together these dandy magnets.
I simply covered clothes pins with glitter and added an embelishment.
I love these little stickers. They are great to add a little something to lots of different projects. Plus you can get several on a sheet. Have you noticed how expensive stickers are getting? Well, I like to have the small ones that I can use just a bit to add some bling.
I put a magnet strip on the back. I was worried it wouldn't hold much but after testing them I was pleased.
I also made these rock magnets. They are simple. Just trace and cut the circle to match your rock and clue a magnet to the back. I used E600 glue but you can use other types too.
So each teacher got one set of magnets, a small hand sanitizer, and a liter of A&W with a note saying for an "Awesome and Wonderful". Kinda cheesey but hey.....
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