Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas name tags

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I enjoyed making the Thanksgiving name tags that I thought I would do up some Christmas name tags. I love having a cricuit. It makes it easy; just cut several different shapes and add a little embellishment and write in your name of choice.
I found these perfect stickers at Michaels. They are small and just what I needed. How simple is that?
I wanted to keep them simple. Just a nice tag with some glitter writing was simple and fun too.
If you don't have a way to cut tag shapes you can just do a rectangle and round the edges. Here is another of those small stickers I found.

Kaylyn and I enjoyed this project but I think we had more fun laughing and sharing stories. My belly hurt by the time we were done! A few other ideas that I thought of but didn't make up are:
recycle old Christmas cards by cutting them into strips and making napkin rings from them.
Store bought large name tags
Stuff a clear ornament with papers with names on it
Ornament balls with name written with glitter glue
Mini presents with name on the tag
Vinyl names on chargers
And it has become official. Everyone asked if we were BYU fans or Utes. Our response was usually "I don't know" or "Go Boise State!" but here in Utah you have to declare blue or red. After going to a BYU game I guess it makes us officially BYU fans. Robin even brought home the mug to prove it.
So here is a summary of my day, a little wassle to warm me while I read Harry Potter (again) and then topping it off with some Christmas tags. Yep, it was a good day.

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  1. Lovely tags! And I like your idea of using strips of old Christmas cards for napkin rings! I might just do that!
    We've just started reading Harry Potter to our daughters - it's lovely to go through the process again and see it all through fresh eyes!

    thanks for linking to A Round Tuit.
    hope you have a lovely week!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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