Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hiking Timpanogos

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We did it! All 6 of us! Including little man!
Yep, we hiked that 1 hour....straight up to heaven!
Then 1 hour in the cave and another hour back down.
We were wiped and needed the brief break when we got to the cave but it was all worth it.
We took breaks on the way up.
Enjoyed the view as we caught our breath.
Of course the 3 older boys didn't have too much trouble.
If the walking didn't take your breath away the view promised to.
The hike was steep....don't get too close to the side and don't stop in the red zones...they are warnings for falling rocks.
Some of it was shade....some more sun than not.
We climbed up, up, up....then down, down, down....
Mom got the best workout. Mr Matthew couldn't walk the whole way up. He would have loved to have a piggy back ride the whole way but we had to make a deal 50/50. Mom is just not in THAT good of shape yet.
He was thrilled when mom let him ride the whole way down though. By then he was tired and HUNGRY!
Take your family and enjoy the views. Find a hiking trail and enjoy nature.
But don't forget your water, neck coolers (gonna post this later), a jacket (thecave is 50ish degrees year round), and a little trail mix. My boys would have loved to have a snack along the way. We were in a bit of a hurry and didn't grab a snack. They were certainly ready to eat when we got back to camp.
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