Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family camping

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Little Mill Campground was a great place to camp. As you drive up Timpanogos Hwy there are several campgrounds along the way. This one is the closest to Timpanogos Cave. We tend to do things last minute so there were no more reservations to be had. We decided to take our chances.
As luck would have it we got there early enough to pick one of the 1st come 1st serve sites. It didn't take long for the other sites to be filled as well. Lots of trees, the mountain on one side and the American Fork Creek River on the other side= PERFECT!
We took a little walk along the old camp road. It followed the creek along. Although we didn't get much snow this last year there was still plenty of water with some spots moving quite fast.
Each of the boys had to have their own walking stick....just like dad. I absolutely LOVE this picture. I decided camping and hiking is a great way to practice your photo skills.
Well, at least for me....Dad just gets the shot done. lol
In the middle of the path was a big boulder. I am not sure if they put it there to stop cars and such or if it actually rolled down the hill. Either way it became a perfect place for 4growingboys to climb. Matthew wouldn't wait for mom to finish yet another photo!
Even though loads of fire restrictions are in place you can still enjoy a campfire in the developed campgrounds. We enjoyed smores and hotdogs, always a must when camping. We had planned other, non-fire meals but when we realized we could still do some roasting, yep, we were all over that.
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