Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Keegan's Baptism

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I will be mailing invites out but wanted to post it too. We will have a brunch afterwards. I plan to have ham, cheesy potatoes, and a green salad. If you would like to bring something to go with this great. Just plan to join us celebrate Keegan's decision to Choose the Right. We are so proud of him. He, more than any of the other boys, takes his actions very seriously. His response is matter of fact, "of course I want to be baptized". He is growing so fast and is an amazing boy. We are so very proud of him. I count among my blessings everyday that I am his mother.

5 years ago, we blessed Tyler just before leaving our ward. Now, we will baptize Keegan, just before leaving a ward we have come to love dearly. We are so excited for our move and desperate to have our family together again...but, oh how we will miss this ward family! We have the most amazing bishopbric. They are valiant men with strong spirits. They are so in touch with the youth, I hope we will find that great strength in our new ward. We have made dear friends who have impacted our lives in ways they will never know. Great adventures await us but we will return to visit the saints of the Ammon 16th Ward!! We love you all!
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