Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boy Birthday Party Ideas

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I see so many cute little girl party ideas but I am after all MOM24BOYS! So I am taking a break from the madness that entails moving out of state to search for party ideas for Keegan. He turns 8 in a couple of weeks and I have NO IDEA what to do for him. I have packed much of my craft supplies so creativity is going to really be tested. First off is to collect ideas.....

I love the Mad Scientist idea from Homemade mamas. Although I think I might save this for Josh. Nov1 would be a great time for this. He loves to do experiments too......Here is another link for Mad Scientist party ideas....

Some of these candy cakes from Be Different...Act Normal would be cool. We are not big cake eaters but these would be an alternative....
This could be a party to go with dad's new job working with the Air Force.... Although planes don't seem to be Keegan's thing.....
We're getting closer with this astronomy party. I have lots of practice with film canister rockets from scouts....

Anyone have good ideas? I am low on time and many of my supplies are packed but I still want to keep the cost down......
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  1. Funny. My craft room was the first thing I packed up too. We know what's important! ;)
    Good luck with the birthday party. My creativity is shot right now so I have no suggestions.

  2. Love the ideas! How about a pirate party (complete with tattoos...made with washable markers). I think boy parties are much more fun than girly parties any day!

  3. All right, dear SIL, you are the reason I started blogging in the first place.Because I owe it ALL to you, come on over to my blog soon to receive your own Versatile Blogger Award!
    P.S. You know I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How adorable post on boy birthday party ideas. It was such a fabulous share. I have to throw 10th birthday bash for my girl so have recently booked the outdoor event space NYC. It is truly going to be an interesting party. Even she and her friends are also helping me with the DIY décor.


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