Sunday, May 16, 2010

My First Blog Award

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Well, I never thought I would get one of these but it pays to know great women. My sister in law (who really should have been born my SISTER) gave me this. She has the most amazing ideas. I don't know where she gets them all from or how she manages to remember them all. After I started blogging last year I kept after her to start. It was a bit selfish I must admit. I, for one, can't remember all the ideas she shares at family gatherings. I needed a place to refer to. And I thought of a ton of others who would love to know of her genius as well. Finally, at Christmas time, we got her blog started. Tightwad Mom's Frugal Forum. The name says it all. Need suggestions on saving and cutting costs, or just a general household tip, this is the blog to check out. To me she is one of those people I MUST have know before I knew her. We were destined to be related! I am thrilled to call her sister and hold her dear to my heart. Check her out and be dazzled!

With this award comes some responsibilities.
First, Thank you Tina!

Second: share 7 (SEVEN!) things about myself. Ok, I'd rather talk about my family or other people but...
1-  I have been a nurse for 10 years working in both acute and community health care settings. My favorite place to work has been my current job at EIRMC on the cardiac care floor. I enjoy helping patients recover from open heart surgery or just a heart attack. The heart is amazingly resilient. My most memorable experience was doing CPR during surgery. We worked so hard to save this patient but in the end had to let him go. It was tough but exhilarating to be part of such a dynamic team working to save 1 life.

2- I love to craft. I go into a store and see something and think "I can do that". If I haven't made anything after a while I start to go through withdrawals and have to get my "fix". In a house of boys it keeps me sane.

3- I love to scrapbook. I have done so for about 17 years. I scrap-booked before it was so popular so I have a wide range of styles. My earlier books are so simple, and probably not archival quality but I love to look back at the changes in my life. One day, I hope my children will appreciate all the work I've done and love the legacy left to them as much as I do.

4- Yep, I'm a coupon fanatic. I get a crazy high off of coming out of the store with bags and bags of groceries and still having money in my pocket. This was an impossible feat with 4 boys before I learned the skill of coupon shopping. Now, I revel in it!

5- I love the morning time. 6-10 am is my favorite time of the day! I love to have the morning sun shine right in my kitchen window. I love the cool crispness you enjoy during those summer hours. I love the feeling of waking refreshed and anew. And I love the feeling of getting a jump start to the day, then looking back that evening to all that I accomplished.

6- I still enjoy playing in the dirt. When I was little we had huge mounds of dirt in the yard. Dad would spread it around to extend our yard. Since we only had river rock on the property he would haul in spud dirt to level out. While he was a work us kids would dig and play in the "dirt pile". Now my "dirt pile" is my garden. I get a great sense of satisfaction from growing our own food, carving our own pumpkins or seeing my little boys pick a tomatoe fresh out of the garden and eat it like an apple.

7- I am proud to say I know how to can and preserve my garden vegi's. Canning and sewing are becoming lost arts and I am ever so thankful to a mother who taught me these skills. Last year I processed over 300 bottles of food; green beans, pickled beats, pears, peaches, apples, applesauce, salsa, corn, carrots, broccoli, and stew.

Third: I have to pick 15 blogs I have been to recently to pass this award on to.

And Fourth: I'll be letting each of these blogs know.
I love to see all the great ideas I come across in blogland. They are inspiring to me. I am so thankful for all the talented ladies out there who willingly share their talents and allow me to improve my family life.
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  1. Awww...thanks for the mention. Isn't blogland great?!?! So many great ideas out there.
    So tightwadmom is your SIL? I had no idea. :)

  2. I'm blushing sister from another mother! I owe all my bloginess to you!

  3. Thanks a bunch!! We are totally flattered to be included in your list! Lotsa luv, Tara & the REST of The Dating Divas :)

  4. Wow! Thanks so much! That's SO sweet to be included with all these talented ladies :) I just put it up on my the top under "awards" Thanks again!


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