Sunday, May 23, 2010

Apple PIe al a cart....

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Keegan couldn't wait open his presents today (we missed church d/t upset tummies). He managed to wait till 1:00. With the pie in the oven he tore into his gifts. Of course everyone was feeling better in time for pie. ;-)

Keegan had only asked for a new Pokemon DS game.....

Yep, I think he was happy. Of course that one was saved for the last. He has been in thralled with it since. I told him we would take a couple of friends to the movies this week (we have tickets to use before we move-double score) instead of a big party. Besides we will be having a dinner after his baptism. Our last shebang before moving. He was good with that. He prefers small gatherings anyway. 

Later, it was nearing time for dad to leave. I swear Matthew knew it was coming! We sat down on the couch, Robin was suppose to be rubbing my legs (I love that!) but Matthew was not willing to share his dad. Before I knew it Matthew was on dad's lap in the rocking chair getting his back rubbed, what the.. what's up with that?!? He was not thrilled to have dad leaving.....

Thankfully "Cars" came to the rescue to allow dad to leave without too much of a scene. This week will be full of activity. School is out on Wednesday 1/2 day, yeah. I have a phone interview tomorrow. And on Thursday I will be going to Utah to do paper work for a travel agency and check on a job at St. Mark's. Keep your fingers crossed all will go well.  I am hoping to sneak in  1 last craft project before I pack up my sewing machine. Then I will focus on scrapbooking, I will still have the laptop out at least.
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