Monday, May 10, 2010

Things I've gotta try...

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With a house of boys treats are always top of the list. I think it's one thing dad has learned while being home, "I'm Hungry" never leaves. Once we are settled in the new house I am gonna try to hold "I'm Hungry" off with some of these. Plus I love her comments, yep moms love to be "top mom for the day"!

How about these Carmel Shortbread Bars from Brown Paper Packages?
Ohhh, Yeah!

I really like this idea of card groups at Brown Paper Packages.
Or these cards at Sisters Stuff.

 I made my mom cards for Christmas to use throughout the year. It was fun and I loved using all my scrap supplies. You know, all the little pieces that are too big to toss and too small to use in a page layout. Plus now I do digital scrapbooking so I can make use of the paper supplies I still have on hand. FUN!

Can't ya just see Matthew plopping down on one of these floor pillows from Living wtih Punks?

I found this patriotic wreath at Every Crafty Endeavor. Adding it to my to do list for the 4th. Perhaps next years 4th as we will just be moving the weekend of the 4th this year......

Ahh, lots of fresh ideas. Now for a little time to create.....
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  1. I must be hungry, the goodies look very tempting right now.

  2. So many projects; so little time! When you figure out how to get rid of "I'm hungry" let me know. He lives at my house, too!


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