Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A home with a view....

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Life is settleing in around here. My "to do" list is crazy long but I am taking it slow. I have found lots of great things to do with the boys. I am trying to do a few things each week. I think it helps us all. Each day gets a bit better. We got our internet hooked up yesterday, now I can really connect with the outside world. 2 weeks without google felt like a lot longer. Now we just have to decide where to start, Antelope island, Kenecot mine, Lagoon, Hogle Zoo, Temple Square, Grantsville Resevoir, Deseret Peak Complex, Thanksgiving Point, Cascade Springs.......the list is endless.

Yesterday I took the boys to Toy Story 3. Yes, it is good. Even Matthew sat still, well once the previews were through. Very good show. I will be buying it. Robin is a bit envious. He said if I plan too many fun outings he may have to take time off work. I guess I will have to plan some for him and the boys on the weekend while I am at work/sleeping.

I hung up my favorite artwork, my "When I have grown a foot" picture with the "Mother of sons" saying and red wreath. It made a big difference in the house to have our own pictures and artwork on the walls. I hate to put nail holes in new walls but the end result is definantly welcoming.

I don't like the bookshelves there but haven't gotten them moved yet. The windows face west so we just put up curtains we had until I can decide on something else.
A new home also gives me an itching for new furniture. It won't happen for a while but I have my eye out for something. Not crafting for a while is my real itch right now. I am gonna have to scratch it before too long. We stopped at a home decor store this morning, oh boy! I have some ideas of stuff to do......
That red house down the street was on the top of our list for quite a while. I loved the huge kitchen and the view from the upstairs windows. Both lots are empty to the side of it but the basement would only hold a family room, furnace room and 4th bedroom. We felt we really needed one other room for storage or my CRAFT romm hello! ;-) I did love the mountains being right there though. These are NOT foothills guys. This is afterall the Wasatch mountains. Few places have mountains that jut up like Utah.....
Moving down the street....My view from my front step. This is actually the Oquirrh (said O'kre, like Ogre) Mountain range. On the other side is Murray. It is so quite here. No street lights (yet) and all you hear are crickets. I step out and see the lights of the city reflect off the clouds over this mountain range, it is very peaceful....
Our neighbors are very nice. These people have been here for 3 years. They worked on finishing their basement and now are starting the yard. Several of the houses are still empty but people are moving into some....
Deseret peak towers over the other side of the valley. This is out our backyard. Yeah, kinda small compared to our other yard. We will miss that a ton. Josh has already thrown the ball over the fence. It is barbed wire and he and Robin didn't know how to climb over it to retrieve the ball. It was very comical to me having climbed oodles of barbed wire fences in my youth. I laughed and showed them both how to climb through. Gonna have to watch the stray balls. ;-)

This picture just doesn't do the sunset justice. Maybe I was a bit late on the snapshot. I sat down on the couch and realized I could open the curtains again. The sunset was beautiful. Ahh, a peaceful evening. And a wonderful home with a view! Come see......
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  1. It looks so great! I can't wait to see what creative decor things you're cooking up!
    I'm glad you're here (In UT and on the net)and settling in. I hope we get to meet sometime at a PYP get together. :)
    BTW It's Magna that is right over those Oquirrh mountains. My old neighborhood. ;)

  2. It is starting to look like home!!!!!! What a great neighborhood! I am so glad you are all getting settled! Miss you!

  3. We moved 21 years, ago, and your post brought back those memories. It was a fun adventure, starting over in a new home. Our neighborhood, like yours, was quiet and still is. Enjoy.


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