Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's on the Menu

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I'm a bit late but thought I would share what we have on the menu for this week. We are still out of sorts from moving so it has been more of a guide than anything but it helps. I enjoy routine and it is even better when I can get back into the grove of shopping and planning our meals. With the boys out of school I have started planning lunch meals as well as snacks. Hey, "Hungry" never leaves this house! I am working on having snacks and lunches that won't sabotage my efforts at weight loss. Every little bit counts and I hate fixing something for the boys then something different for me. Usually I don't eat much then end up grazing the rest of the day and taking in more than if I'd just had sketti-O's to begin with. Please tell me I'm not the only one with this problem!?! Anyway here is our lunch menu:
mac and cheese
vegi pizza
sloopy sliders

For snacks I plan 2 per day. Although they usually ask for more than that....I plan a morning and afternoon snack.....
string cheese
cheese and crackers
chips and salsa
fruit salsa
golden graham snack mix
cheerio treats

For dinner:
Southwestern Chicken Nachos
Vegi Pizza

Our side dishes usually consist of the bottled vegis I put up last fall or a cool summer salad. We usually have BBQ goodies added in but we ran out of gas last week and I wasn't sure when Rob would get it refilled so this week I stayed away from BBQ. Now that's not to say it won't get substituted in when the tank is refilled! ;-)
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  1. Sigh! My kitchen is in a constant state of motion (and mess). I swear I am raising cattle. All they want to do is graze! I have been trying to shed a few pounds myself. I finally bought some grape tomatoes, baby carrots, and other veggies to stick on the counter to graze on (even though pudding cups, m&m's, and cookies look much better).

  2. It feels like the kitchen NEVER closes in the summer, doesn't it? And it isn't just the sheer volume of food consumed that bugs me. It's the mess too! I barely get the kitchen cleaned up from one meal before they start wandering in looking for the next.

  3. LOL! Oh, ladies, thank you for making a maddening situation funny. It's good to know I am in good company! Tina, I like the vegi tray idea. I have done that before but never even thought of it. Thanks!


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