Sunday, May 22, 2011

This weeks menu 5/22

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I haven't been able to get my Bountiful Basket for a couple of weeks. I chose sleep over loging on. I work nights and after 24+ hrs awake I just couldn't get up after my first hour of sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I will make it on and manage to get a basket. I have been able to clear out the vegi's and fruit though. Plus it is good to pull from the bottled supply in my pantry.
I had dear hubby help with input this week. He has managed to get out of any input (I prefer to have the families suggestions) for a couple of months now. It does alter just a bit what my plans are but at least when I am too busy or wiped out to cook he knows what the plan is and can help.....


Pork Chops
Green Beans
Mashed potatoes

Chicken and Wild Rice soup
Peach Cobbler

French Toast


Scallops potatoes
Fresh vegi's from Bountiful Basket (hopefully)

I have been busy chasing boys and enjoying some time reading. I haven't yet learned how to do all that I WANT to do while doing what I NEED to do so I have neglected my blogging a bit. 
This week I hope to have several posts though. 
Joann Fabric opened in town- HORRAY! So I have some projects to share from my shopping there.
The sun has peeked through the clouds a couple of times so I will be able to share some outdoor gardening.
I also pulled the sewing machine up and finished a refurbish project just in time for summer.
I am hoping to finish a redo project I started a couple of months ago to share.
And I'll be sharing a special soon to be 9 year olds birthday bash.
So stay tuned, I'm hoping to make it a great week!
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