Monday, January 27, 2014

Cars Pit Pass Printable

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Project 5 of 52
I have been working on this years Pinewood Derby for my cub scouts. It is THE event of the year. I think the dads get as much of a kick out of the race as the boys do. Any of you in cubs scouts know just how true this can be. Still we have lots of fun. I decided to go with a "Cars" theme this year for our pit passes and awards. I found these award tags on Pinterest and decided to use them instead of doing new ones. Click on the picture to see the pin....
 Sooooo many great pinewood dry ideas! Treats,  awards, neckerchief slides and more!
 They are smaller than what I usually use but I plan to have a ribbon on it and the boys can put it with their pit passes. It also saves on ink and paper which was a side plus. I plan to write the boys names in and laminate them to make lanyards. Since it is always lovely to find the work already done I am sharing this printable with you. It doesn't say "cub scouts" so you can use it for birthday parties too. Just click on the picture to get to the download.
Have fun!
I used RLR creations digital kit to make the passes. You can find the digital kit HERE.
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