Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pinterest FAIL: First aid tubes

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So we all know that not all Pinterest ideas turn out. I wanted to share on of my fails. I actually deleted my pin (I don't want clutter on my board) but here's another one I found. Make single use antibiotic ointment packets using a straw, pliers and bic lighter
I had hoped it would work for a first aid class I was teaching our ward youth. 

I had everything I thought I would need. Antiobiotic ointment, straws, sealer, lighter, and Pinterest link.
Test after test failed. The straws melted to the outside rather than inside sealing themselves. I even tried my food sealer but the moist ointment prevented it from sealing at both ends. I tried sealing one end prior to putting the ointment in but then it would go IN. The air left in the straw prevented the ointment from going inside. I tried various size tubes, trying to keep the moisture away from the seal, nope, still didn't seal. After numerous attempts I passed on to another idea.
Just chalking this up to a Pinterest FAIL!
Hope you have better luck. ;-p
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