Monday, January 20, 2014

Warm Fuzzy neckerchief slides

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Project 4 of 52
These are the neckerchief slides I made for last months pack meeting. It went perfect with my thought on warm fuzzies and our core value of compassion. I shared the story of a small villiage that gave warm fuzzies out all the time but decided to stop for fear of running out of them. Soon the villiage became cold and sad. Generations passed. One day a little boy found his grandma's hidden warm fuzzy and asked what it was. His grandma's first thought was to run and hide her warm fuzzy so no one would find it again, tucked safe away. But then she remembered the join giving and receiving her warm fuzzies gave her. She was sad to realize her grandson had never had this feeling. She shared her warm fuzzy with him. Both of them were filled with warm joy. The villiage started sharing warm fuzzies again and regained the joy they had lost.
These were so simple to put together. Just a shiny pom-pom, a 1 inch pipe cleaner, 2 smaller pom poms and a back of some sort (I use cut up milk handles). Of course don't forget the googly eyes.
My little man loved them. I had to make him a blue and red one. Such a funny kid, he played with those the rest of the day. Turns out, giving warm fuzzies really does spread warmth and joy.
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  1. I am sooooo amazed with your dutch oven slide. I want to email you, can't figure out how to do so. Please shoot me an email, I really want to thank you for sharing your whimsy ideas with us! oodles of thanks.
    Stay well,

    1. AnnMarie~ Thanks for your comments. So glad you are enjoying the fun slides. You can email anytime at
      Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I found this post on pinterest and I LOVE it! Thank you!


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