Friday, January 3, 2014

Kicking off 52 Projects in 52 Weeks!

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How was your holiday season? Ours was busy but great. 
We enjoyed a smaller (yet still abundant) Christmas and visiting with family.
Now I am looking to the new year. 
I am excited to restart my 52 projects. 
Last time it started out as a way to focus on my wish lists of projects. So many ideas and so little time. In the end, I found great success in just doing 1 project a week. By the end of the year I could look back at all that I had accomplished. What a great feeling! As a obsessive list maker it felt good to see my completed projects and check them off the list.
 That was in 2010.....I miss it.
More than I realized.
So this year, 2014, I am revisiting my 52 projects in 52 weeks challenge.
All those fantastic ideas on Pinterest.....
and all the failures as well....
I am going to tackle them and share my results with you....
1 week at a time. Join me for another grand adventure!
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