Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Onsie Cupcakes Gift Idea

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 My sweet friend is finally having another little one. She has been wanting another baby for several years but it finally happened. They are adding a little boy to their home. With a house of boys I know just what she has in store. Hold on lady, it's gonna be a ride....a FUN one!

I usually give a basket of goodies for a new mom but with the holidays and my work schedule lately I just didn't get it together so I went to Pinterest to find some new inspiration.

A box of sweet!

These of course would not be your ordinary cupcakes however. Instead of edible they are wearable.
Club Chica Circle has a great tutorial on just how to do it.
In all my excitement (and trying to hurry) I forgot to take pictures of the rolling process, oops. I used 3 onsies and 3 pants. I just rolled the pants together to make the last cupcake. It's a bit bigger than the others but the effect is still there.

She loved it!

Welcome home little man! You are already loved more than you know.
Congrats Millie! You are in for awesome times....get your lego's ready mom!
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