Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our love of Legos....

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 We love Lego's!
We do. 
The boys (dad included) will spend hours building, creating and imagining. We always give Lego sets for birthdays and Christmas. Ok, sometimes even just because. The Lego creators continue to come up with some of the most amazing sets. The boys always put them together...then over time they get taken apart. We keep all the instructions on a hook ready to be used again but lately the boys have been flexing their own creative minds to build sets of their own.
 I love to see their latest creations. 
Mr. Josh, who aspires to be a chief, built his Lego kitchen.
 Don't get in the way of chief preparing his feast.
Santa even made a stop for Mr Tyler.
Lego's are great for boys (and girls). 
They stimulate the mind. 
They help develop math skills. 
They build creativity. 
They encourage problem solving.
Most importantly...
Mom's beware. 
If you want a few moments of peace and quiet let your kiddos get lost in the Lego world. They last forever and endure all the abuse little boys can give. They do however, provide a bit of torture of their own. If you have even stepped on a Lego, you know just what I mean. And may I suggest wearing an apron with pockets while vacuuming.
Keep an eye out for sales. They don't go on sale a lot so stock up when they do.
 Stash them away for future gifts.
You will score big time mom points!
(just sharing our love of Lego's, no incentive required)
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