Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Castle block

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Project 13 of 52
I love this thought. Back HERE I shared this download. Although the thought is not my original the photo and wordart are. What better time to share this than with my girls at camp. I want something simple to always remind them of their Eternal Perspective.
This is such a simple project. Just a 2x6 cut in 4inch segments then painted white. I think other colors would be wonderful too but with 30 girls to plan for I kept it simple, just one paint color to buy.
I used mod podge to attach the picture. I like the rough edges but we won't have an electric sander at camp and let's be honest, hand sanding just isn't for me. ;-p Tie it up with a bow. They have 4 different colored ribbon, teal, red, pink, yellow,  to chose from although the kits are already all together with the ribbon in them.
My mother in law has taught me that presentation of the smallest gift makes the biggest difference. So I decided to put the 'kit' together in a brown bag with a paper doilie stapled to the front. I wonder if the girls will notice but I even used my colored, pink, staples. Now I have them all together ready to go in a storage bin. I included all the supplies so nothing is forgotten and it is all in one place. 
Scouting has taught me KISMIF....Keep It Simple, Make It Fun. I think this will be a HIT! (at least I hope)
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