Sunday, September 27, 2009

200+ bottles

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Last week I was a canning fool! We held our own canning marathon. I needed to get the house cleaned up but first had to finish the canning. I got home from working all night and set in immediately. At 9pm I shut the stove off and drug myself up to bed. I was exhausted. I had not slept in over 24 hours!

71 bottles of corn, frozen broccoli....

pickled beats....

jam and corn.....

more corn....

peaches and pears....

18 quarts of beans
By Saturday night I had canned over 200 bottles of pears, peaches, jam, pickled beets, green beans, carrots and corn and frozen numerous bags of broccoli. WHEW! Now the fruit room is stocked full. I only have salsa and stew left to do. It is a lot of work but I have very happy to see my storage built up. We may be out of a job but we will still have full bellies. The Lord is watching over us and blessings abound. (I just have to remember this EACH day!)
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