Thursday, October 15, 2009

Albertsons shopping

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This weeks coupon tip: When printing coupons online you can usually print 2 copies per link per computer. Smartsource has 3 sets of coupons, Group A, B, and C. Plus there are lots of other online sites for coupons. Here are some links within PYP...
Printable coupons
So I have a pc and laptop so for each link I get 4 coupons. I love this because usually you online coupons are higher value ones. It's great. In fact all the coupons I will use for this weeks sale are online ones. Dang I miss my laptop....

Our laptop is getting some adjustments and my pc doesn't read my SD disc. Don't get it but Robin is working on it so for now I have limited pictures to post. I soooo need my laptop back. Isn't it funny how quickly we depend on technology. Not to mention all my Christmas projects are on it. Hopefully it will be back next week. Keep you fingers crossed for me. In the meantime I am working so much that it may not matter. With the flu outbreaks and staff shortages there have been a lot more needs at the hospital. I am really struggling on how to balance home projects and self reliance with being the sole breadwinner at the moment. Robin is FABULOUS at helping around the house but there are just somethings that I was taught as a young girl to do to help our home while he was taught to work and provide for the family. This is our biggest challenge in relation to having our roles reversed. My kitchen floor needs stripped and rewaxed, there are Halloween costumes to make, and Christmas projects to get in full swing. Christmas is just around the corner you know. So when you all figure out the answer to this proverbial question of balance PLEASE let me know.

This week there is a great sale at Albertsons. Did you manage to get your shopping lists off PYP? Here is the list on PYP: Albies Shopping List You can always call me too and I can easily walk you through it if you need. I am still stocked on most sweets but I plan on getting some Cinnamon toast crunch for $0.65/each, Betty Crocker Potatoes- great for Rob's night to cook, and some Green Giant Steamers- yummy and quick. when you spend $25 you get $10 on your next visit so I will make sure I spend in $25 increments.

The other day I went to Walgreens and got: 8 jars Skippy PB, 2 jars Nutella, 3 Snickers bars, 5 bottles hydrogen peroxide and 4 jumbo packs of diapers. My total $38.46! Take off the diapers and I only spent $6.30! Yep, I was a happy shopper that day. Diapers worked out to be about $0.16 each I believe. I really needed some more Huggies. They seem to be the only thing that work for Matthew.

I also got some clearance toys at Shopko for Christmas. They didn't have any more of the sale items I wanted like a 5 pack of hotwheels cars for $3.88 so I got some rain checks. I had to make sure she knew I had a house of boys so that I didn't feel like I was hoarding or something. Most people don't get 8 or 10 of the same toy. :p

Josh is going to be Harry Potter for Halloween and Tyler is going to be Malfoy. Can you picture it? I am making Josh's cloak and hoping to make one for Ty as well. He will be happy in anything though, for which I am very thankful! Boys are easy!

Now I am looking for deals on Legos. Anyone see them please let me know. We have tons of Legos but they are great toys and the boys, even Tyler, love to build for hours. Dad is the biggest Lego fan but he will probably be getting another pair of work gloves. He has loved the ones I got him last year and asked for another pair. I think this is the kind, at least this is what they look like....

They keep his hands warm and protected without a lot of bulk. He hasn't given me any other ides so I will be on the look out. Maybe just a quiet night out just the 2 of us for Christmas.... I miss falling asleep in front of the Christmas tree- just the 2 of us......

What are you doing to have a thrifty Christmas???
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  1. I have been doing a little shopping here and there for Christmas, using Register Rewards for toys if I can't find anything else to use them on, and I do Garage sales and Once Upon a Child. I find great toys lots of the time. My kids don't care about brand-new stuff yet, so I won't, either.

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  3. The Halloween costumes turned out so great!! I gushed about the robe and how cool it was going to look all put together when I was in the car with the boys. Josh was super excited and he thinks you're a cool mom for making him such great stuff.

    My Thrify Christmas Stuff:

    Homemade pillowcases for the boys and grandsons (Dallas Cowboys fabric)

    Aprons for the girls and granddaughters

    Fleece Cowboys blankets for the grown-up and not-so-grown-up sons

    Also maybe some crochet dishclothes and (purchased) homemade soaps

    Homemade princess and superhero capes - I have a new pattern - super easy!!

    I wait for sales on the fabrics, use coupons, and pull what I can out of my fabric stash. I also have some old clothes I can cut up. I like handmade.

    Heidi S.


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