Monday, March 5, 2012

Beaded Fun....

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So I started playing with some beads. There are so many great, fun beads in the store it was just 
So, I admit.
I gave in.
Do I regret it?
I started simple. With just some earrings.
Green to match some of my scrubs for work.
Plus I love the color.
Now I wish I had a bit more green to wear these more.
Then came Sunday.
I had some pins with beads that I used to wear all the time.
Then I lost one of the blue ones.
Hmmm, got to looking at that lone blue pin.
It looked easy enough....
I'll bet.....

Yep, I could make some myself.
So I did. I just wrapped the cording (it's fancy crafting fishing line but hey) around the pin in between threading each bead. Just tie it off nice and tight. I threw this together 10 minutes before leaving for church one morning.
I wore my hair in a sideways braid and got so many compliments.
Yeah, made me smile.
And then the broken watch band that helped to start it all off. Well, not this one specifically but.....I still needed to rethread this band. It popped apart on my rush to get ready for work one morning.
Thankfully I retrieved most of the beads.
Now I have my watch back.
Nice and pretty.
Beading is fun but the tiny pieces get me a tad tense.
I'll leave the serious jewelry making to my lovely sister in law.
I'll just take the occassional fun project!
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