Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Angry Bird Birthday Invites

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Mom to dad..."Ok, we have this and this and this going on this weekend."
Tyler...."yeah, and then next week is my birthday!!"
Mom...running to the calendar...."Oh, crap! How did that sneek up so fast? I thought I still had another week!!!"
Ok boys time to gather the troops. After a bit of trouble shooting I managed to throw together a cute little invite for Tyler's buddies. Get the troops together and set up the assembly line. Ok boys, here are your asignments.....
Gotta love that! It didn't take long before the cards were done....
                                         Rather cute dontcha think?!
We got all of them done slipped a typed note about the party into them and got them out in the same day. The best part was having all the supplies already on hand!
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