Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Cake- FAIL!

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Mr Tyler wanted an Angry Birds party. Pinterest has lots of great ideas for games and cakes.
They all look so simple. Before long I found myself saying, "I can SO make that", "Piece of cake"! So off to the store I ran. Picked up a few yummies.....
I had to plan ahead because I still had to work at the hospital. So Josh got to practice his baking skills and help me out. We started with 2 different frosting recipes...buttercream and cream cheese. They were both yummy and Josh felt like he was entering Cupcake Wars.
Uhmmm, hold that thought son. The frosting turned out great...the cake...not so much.
So, it's not terrible but after playing with it I was running out of time and had no idea how to get those cute little birds and pigs. I found some marshmallow fruit shapes and just made a go at it.
Yeah, this was just too much for me. I find myself able to do lots. I craft, sew, build, garden, name it. BUT....cake decorating is not my forte!
Tyler loved it. My sweet hubby knew right away what it was and thought it was great. Me...well it just didn't measure up to what I had pictured. We have 2 more birthdays over the next month.....
Time for a call to my own personal Baker....well, not my OWN baker but still a fantastic baker. Shelly, owner of the Cream of the Crop cupcakes! I made a call to her that day. Placed my orders for a Batman cake and a Lego cake. Now I have made a Lego cake before but the price of NOT worrying about it is SOOO worth it.....
Stay tuned for a fantastic Batman cake for Mr. Matthew!
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