Monday, March 30, 2015

Still Discovering...

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My boys are growing so very fast!
Josh is now over 6' tall. I'm tall but have to look up to him. I told him there have been few men in my life I've looked up too, then gave him a hug. Keegan is learning the joys, and frustrations, of having a cell phone. Tyler is discovering the ups and downs of friends. And Matthew is learning about increased responsibility. I love what each stage of development brings. Even when they were all little, I seldom found remorse in what we were leaving behind because of the excitement of what was to come. I am trading the training wheels, preschool class, and nap times in for dating, driving, and late nights. I love it when they come home jabbering away at the latest activity at school or wanting to go explore with friends cuz it's just not cool to stay home anymore. About the time I wish they were little ones wrapped in my arms Josh comes home with a story to tell or opens up to mom. He loves to hate it when mom makes him break a smile through his crusty scowl. It lets me know, I'm still his mommy.
It's lives lesson I think. To see the adventure in every challenge. My friend, Rebekah taught me that. So today we are "Still Discovering"! Discovering life, love, friends, and family.
And today....I still love it all!
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