Monday, April 6, 2015

Smile- it's contagious

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      I have an amazing friend in Idaho. She is the ultimate optimist! I have seen her struggle through life's challenges that would beat down the best of us with a smile on her face. She is forever happy. She thrives on life and the challenges it brings. When we had to make an unexpected and truthfully, unwanted move her words to me were, "what a GRAND adventure you will have!" I struggled with the move that took me away from the town, friends, and family that I hold so dear. I was so homesick and struggled to make our new house and town a home. If those words were a quilt they would be rags from all the times I have thought of her cheerful advice. They wrapped me in a warm embrace as I tried to learn from her amazing example.
     We taught cub scouts together for 5 years. Trust me, a group of 9 year old boys can wear you down. Not Rebekah though. She could smile and laugh off any of the boys antics. She is wise and caring. Her children are amazing and strong and well behaved. I have always been in awe of how she can mold a child; how she can teach a child without them realizing they just learned. It all comes so natural. Her cup is always half full or more. She truly has a smile that is contagious to those blessed to share it! I try to remember her quick and easy laughter. It really does make the day lighter.
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