Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pinterest Addict!

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So sorry to have been MIA. I have had a couple of busy busy weeks. Then in my few moments of free time I just got sucked into Pinterest! 
Hello, My name is Shannon, and I am a Pinterest addict!
I love it.
All the great ideas.
The way I can organize them.
To come back to when it's time.
Some day I will do them all.
Each and Every one.

Never fear I have a couple of projects to post this week. We are inching closer to having my craft/guest room finished. I have so many ideas waiting to do. Projects I have supplies for but haven't started. Projects I have started but not finished. Right now they are all stacked in piles that get moved from one spot to another. 
I am dreaming of the day when I get to pull them out and organize it all nice and neat. 
Then Let the Fun Begin!
For now, we will start sheetrocking this week. I hope to finish that up by next weekend then start taping and texturing. I have already picked out my paint colors. I will try to find them online and share....hmm or maybe keep you all in suspense. hehehe!
I am also trying to get going on my scrapbooking. I have taken a bit of a leave from that but it's time to get a bit caught up, sort of. I am trying to do 1 page a day. We will see how well I do that.
Oh, and just on a personal note. 
Mr. M qualified for further speech therapy! Yeah!
After they turn 3 it is harder to qualify as the restrictions are so much tighter. There are just so many kids and they have to draw the line, in this case it's the 7th percentile. Well, he is not making enough progress so they qualified him. I know one day I will want less talking from him but for now I would just love to understand what he is saying. I am relieved to have this service through the school district. I hope to see some real progress soon. It's been nearly 2 years of therapy so far.
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  1. SO happy for your boy on the therapy. That's great news!
    Now you need to send me a message so I can follow you on Pinterest! I'm hooked too. :P

  2. Thanks Trish. I sent you a pm on PYP!


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