Sunday, October 23, 2011

This weeks menu 10/23

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You know how life tends to get in the way of all our greatest plans...
Yeah, that's where we are.
We are still working on finishing my craft/guest room. I am uber impatient! I think I am actually having crafting withdrawls! I have loads of projects waiting for some attention. With the holidays creeping in the itch to make something is getting stronger by the second. And of course we have run into a couple of snags in getting my room finished. First of all we need it for a special 12th birthday on November 1; then again on Thanksgiving weekend with lots of family coming to town. We planned everything out and even with a few hicups were making progress toward our timeline. 
Then last week my darling husband was put in as 1st counselor in the Bishopric in our ward. For those of you who don't have a clue what this's...well, he's is basically the second one in charge of 300-400 people. It is a big responsibility accompanied with lots of meetings. He will be fantastic! He is a great leader and quite humble.
With all the changes and what-have-you we haven't gotten much done over the past 2 weeks. We are creeping along but I am worried we won't make our November 1 deadline. 
Hopefully we will make the Thanksgiving one. 
We just continue to work as much as we can (between DH meetings and my nights working).
Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In the meantime, I have fallen victom to another crafting hobby. 
Yes, I know, I am weak.
See I needed a new watch band and I did'nt want to spend $15-$20 on one so I thought I would just make one. Just enough beads for one little watch band. AHEM!? Uhmm, yeah. I will have a couple of projects to show you from this little dilema. I think it would have been cheaper to buy the band BUT not NEARLY as fun. hehehe. Thank Goodness! My dear hubby is supportive of my addictions. lol
So, this week I hope to post our progress on the basement and a couple of small projects. Just enough to tide me and you over til the big reveal and craft craze of my new craft room!
If you wanna stop by you are welcome to stay for dinner. This is what we will be enjoying this week.....

Oven Fried Chicken
Monte Cristo Delights
Baked Potatoe Soup
Strawberry Banana Omlets
Breakfast bake.

The end of the week will be filled with Halloween Carnivals and Chili cook-offs. I thought we could have an extra special breakfast before all the sweets hit the tummies.
I will also be making a couple of fun treats....
Pear Raisin Pie
Jack O' Lantern Pops
And probably a pumpkin pie. Dear Hubbies birthday is on Friday so he gets to decide. We are not big cake eaters so I suspect his birthday treat will be something pumpkin related. YUMMY!
Ohhh, and in case you were wondering.....
Only 63 days til Christmas! Horray!
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