Monday, September 10, 2012

Americana banner

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I absolutely LOVE it when my sister comes down to visit.
Sometimes we shop.
Sometimes we play.
This last visit we crafted.
She is as crafty as I's in our genes, just meet our mom!
So my sis happened upon a blog that had these great fabric banners. She read where they could be purchased in a kit. When she clicked on the link she was surprised to find it was a craft shop near her. She made a visit, picked up a couple of kits and set them aside for our crafty visits. They were great. They came together so well and fast. I love how it adds to my decor. Just simple strips of fabric tied around a rope....Easy Peasy!

 Now if I can remember the store she told me a bout I will link to it. For now you all get to drool over the great banner we created.
Don't mind the pictures. I am still figuring out my new camera. ;-)
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