Thursday, September 6, 2012

Camping privacy

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Do you ever have those moments that surprise even yourself. You know the "ah-ha!" moments that make you just smile to yourself...inspite of yourself? Well I do...did...this last weekend while we were camping.
We have a lovely popup camper. It's small but just right for our clan. We work well with it. It pulls oh so nicely and doesn't add too much to the gas cost. We have used it a lot. The only problem starting to creep up was a bit of privacy. Oh, you can close the curtains to the outside or even climb on the bed and close the inside curtains for some privacy but who wants to do that for the couple of minutes it takes to change into swimsuits. With 6 of us taking turns 1 at a time got to be a bit of a bother as well.
See it is all nice and open. Great for letting the outdoors "in". But....
(please don't mind the mess! I was camping with 5 boys, yes have sympathy for me ;-p)
This is where my pea-sized brain started to work. What could I do?
Now you may have heard about my of command hooks.
 I use them all over.
What if I used them to hook a sheet or something up?
I wouldn't have to take them down.
They are light.
What about a curtain....or a Shower Curtain!!! They already have slits for the hooks.
VOILA!!! My ah-ha moment!
See no more wide open spaces in the camper. Now a couple of people can change in private without crawling on the beds. Very important to my ever growing 12 almost 13 yr old.
My boys were amazed! Yeah, mom has her moments. It worked lovely!
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