Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tunics for cub scouts....

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A while back I wanted to make a simple tunic for each of my cub scouts to go with out knight theme. I had 20 to make so they really needed to be BASIC. Here is what I came up with. Just in case you are as crazy as I.
  Each tunic was 1/2 a yard. I use basic 45 wide muslin. It's cheap and had the right feel.
Thankfully my son was helpful enough to let me measure and test the measurements on him.
Once they were all cut to rectangles I needed to cut a neck hole. Once again I just guess on what looked about right then held it up to my 10 yr old. I think I left about 4 inches on each shoulder.
I didn't want the fabric to fray out so a simple stitch down each side fixed that.

Add another stitch around the neck......
And VOILA! A nice pile of scout tunics. Sorry, I should have gotten a picture of my son with it on. They are opened at the top to slip over the head then open down the sides. Tunics were generally secured with a belt of some sort.
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