Monday, February 9, 2015

Can I borrow a Kiss?

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We try to spend time with each of our boys but as they have gotten older and less time we haven't been as good about it. When we do they usually choose time with their dad. He is the fun one always up for a good board game or video game. Lately however, they have been clamoring to have "dates" with mom. I have to admit how happy that makes me. It can be tough to fit in with crazy schedules but I have really enjoyed my nights out on the town with my boys. So far it's been movies but later this week I get escorted to a BYU basketball game. Josh has been to several college games of various sorts and is thoroughly enjoying them. He text me on the way home with his dad a couple of weeks ago asking if I would accompany him to a game on Valentines day. Unfortunantly I have to work that night but he managed to get tickets for a game earlier in the week. I'll admit, I'm looking forward to it. One on one time is a great chance to talk and see what is going on with my boys.
With Valentines around the corner I thought I'd do a fun quote for the occassion. Now I'm off to plan something for my sweetheart. It's gonna have to be creative with my work schedule and my "other" date. lol
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