Monday, February 2, 2015

Love is an Adventure

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Although I have a house of boys we are more likely to be found hiking, camping, and fishing than on the soccor, baseball, or football fields. We often joke we are a house of nerds, and proud of it. My brother was the ultimate jock. The coaches were sorely disappointed when his little sister came up the ranks. No hope to help the girls basketball team. Now Youth Legislature, yep, I was all over that.
Now, my boys are following mom and dads footsteps, ehehehehe, seldom any sports....
except tonight. Yep, Superbowl is one day you will find us wrapped around a ball game. Some of the boys like it...others eh, not so much.  Still, we enjoy a good game. Don't ask who we are rooting for, its usually supporting a family or friends team. This year, Patriots vs. Sea's a toss up. My dad is Patriots fan and my father in law is all Sea hawks. Does that make us a house divided? Nah! Just a bunch of nerds having fun.
It gives mom an excuse to try new treats and some old ones too as we enjoy a snacks and finger foods. Last year was a hit, this year, not so much. On the menu, hot wings, little smokies with mac and cheese, chili con queso dip and caramel corn. My idea to cook things in mini crockpots missed the mark but the caramel corn is always a hit.
For the rest of the week here is what we have on the menu....
Homemade spaghetti
Broccoli and Chicken Alfredo
Chili Mac
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
Cream Cheese Taquitos
What are your superbowl favs?
While watching the superbowl I did up some word art perfect for February.
I hope you enjoy it.
Download them here:

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