Monday, February 16, 2015

You are my Sunshine

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While the East is getting pounded with heavy snow, those of us in the West are struggling to get the snow we need to see us through the summer. We have been having April style weather lately. While I admit it is lovely to feel the warm sun and go out without a jacket, I am worried. I fear we will have a cold snap just as the trees have come out of hibernation, freezing all the blossoms and killing the potential harvest. It's gonna be a long hot summer I'm afraid.
With temps forcasted to continue near 70, I am going to enjoy what I can before it either freezes or gets too hot to function. So what better thought than this on a warm sunny day? ;-)
Oh, and if anyone wants to send some of the white stuff this way, we will gladly accept it.
Enjoy a little sunshine from me!
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  1. Enjoy your spring like weather. Living in FL, I know what you mean about the long hot summer ahead. Thanks so much for the sweet word art.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I'm glad you like it. Florida is beautiful this time of year!


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